15 April, 2012

Really quite bad at this blogging thing...

But I have an excuse: namely nothing gets between me and my eating, and any time I'm not working, I'm eating. Besides churning out articles and editing shittily "written" (the use of opened and closed inverted commas has been employed because by the looks of it, it seems the person responsible for filing them in the first place did so by slamming his face onto the keyboard and clicking command+s) technical reports, here's a list of what else I've been up to:

1) Having my finger- and toe nails grow at an exponentially increasing rate.
2) Stuffing my every bodily orifice with chocolates now that Lent's over.
3) May have embarked on my first business trip/overseas assignment.

Oh and I've been spending my weekends partaking in senior citizen leisurely activities, since nothing the youngsters these days do appeal to me or my fragile psyche. I am but an early bird special stuck in a happy hour body. Baboom.

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