19 March, 2012


K so in the past few weeks or however long it's been since I last attempted to keep this here blog running I got myself 2 other jobs, while juggling my other full-time job. Whut whut. This means that I've mostly been spending my time chasing people down via email (not a very effective means of chasing, but you know), typing article after article out, and meeting deadlines fuck yeah! And now that that's over (for now), I can finally concentrate on my final post-grad application, which is about as fun as licking a complete stranger's left ballsack i.e. not really, for the uninitiated. I'd say I'm spent/this close to being braindead but I'd be lying because I've absolutely L-U-V-E-D the stress of meeting deadlines and banging out article after article. And the "experience" section on my LinkedIn profile be POPPIN'/OFF DA HOOK (but of course that's not why I finally feel like my life has a purpose since that'd just be sad, right? JK. But then again maybe not). I no longer feel like an utter waste of space! PARTY.

Recent favourite designer discoveries:

Curated by Ek Thongprasert

Winged eyeliner paired with a matte red lip! Victory rolls! Oxblood and moss green leather! Leather dresses! Gauzy neutrals! Leather peplums! LEATHER!


Photos via Mash-Up

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