21 April, 2012


Hi! This blog will remain an outlet for me to rant/grumble/whine/lament/do other equally unsavoury things, while THIS will be where my ~*~fAsHiOn MuSiNgS~*~, – albeit more crowd-friendly, I'm hoping, but then again, I'm not exactly the crowd favourite kind (read: not at all) – go (and interestingly enough, where I get paid to do so). Okay bye!

15 April, 2012

Really quite bad at this blogging thing...

But I have an excuse: namely nothing gets between me and my eating, and any time I'm not working, I'm eating. Besides churning out articles and editing shittily "written" (the use of opened and closed inverted commas has been employed because by the looks of it, it seems the person responsible for filing them in the first place did so by slamming his face onto the keyboard and clicking command+s) technical reports, here's a list of what else I've been up to:

1) Having my finger- and toe nails grow at an exponentially increasing rate.
2) Stuffing my every bodily orifice with chocolates now that Lent's over.
3) May have embarked on my first business trip/overseas assignment.

Oh and I've been spending my weekends partaking in senior citizen leisurely activities, since nothing the youngsters these days do appeal to me or my fragile psyche. I am but an early bird special stuck in a happy hour body. Baboom.

19 March, 2012


K so in the past few weeks or however long it's been since I last attempted to keep this here blog running I got myself 2 other jobs, while juggling my other full-time job. Whut whut. This means that I've mostly been spending my time chasing people down via email (not a very effective means of chasing, but you know), typing article after article out, and meeting deadlines fuck yeah! And now that that's over (for now), I can finally concentrate on my final post-grad application, which is about as fun as licking a complete stranger's left ballsack i.e. not really, for the uninitiated. I'd say I'm spent/this close to being braindead but I'd be lying because I've absolutely L-U-V-E-D the stress of meeting deadlines and banging out article after article. And the "experience" section on my LinkedIn profile be POPPIN'/OFF DA HOOK (but of course that's not why I finally feel like my life has a purpose since that'd just be sad, right? JK. But then again maybe not). I no longer feel like an utter waste of space! PARTY.

Recent favourite designer discoveries:

Curated by Ek Thongprasert

Winged eyeliner paired with a matte red lip! Victory rolls! Oxblood and moss green leather! Leather dresses! Gauzy neutrals! Leather peplums! LEATHER!


Photos via Mash-Up