11 January, 2012

Jason Wu X Target

Just as the rest of the internet has been anxiously anticipating its release, and just as keyboards the world over have been subjected to being relentlessly drooled upon (except for me. Ladies don't drool), this collection speaks to my fuck-yeah-I'm-finally-a-working-adult-but-kinda-not-really sensibilities. Choice picks include:

I'm picturing this dress worn as a top under a full high-waisted tangerine mini. Or a printed one. Or with a fuzzy jumper thrown over it. Or with a boxy blazer cinched at the waist.

Kitty printed scarf! Quoth Rachel Zoe, "ba-nanas".

This would be the perfect answer to my satchel-that-can-be-carried-two-ways hunt.

Photos via fashionologie

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