30 November, 2011

Interview Outfit Ideas

In an ideal world, this is what I'd wear. 

Photos via tumblr 

But first I'd have to wean myself off of dark colours and tight bottoms, which I'm working on. 

I lied.

Interview Outfit Ideas

I'm going for one of my most important job interviews to date tomorrow where I'll have to at the very least look a decent amount of cleaned up with minimal accessorizing action going on. Also, I got these leather-trimmed flood length cigarette trousers yesterday and can't wait to wear them slightly cuffed with just about everything. My go-to worn out cotton tote isn't going to cut it, unfortunately, plus it's definitely going to rain and I'm not about to jeopardize any of my non-waterproof bags, so it's back to the trusty flap bags. Right now I'm leaning towards the outfit on the right solely because I haven't worn any sort of heels in the longest time and well... I walked into a pillar in front of a (different) editor the first time I was there. Let it be known that I was in flats at the time.

But we'll see, I might just end up in said wedges anyway because I'm crazy wild and unpredictable like that. Fuck yeah.

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