27 February, 2012

Luv AJ Lookbook

Luv AJ is all about the jewellery, and so it's a given that the accessories in this lookbook are killer – how badass is that thick, interlocking necklace? What about the pair of gold cuffs with the cascading, fringing chains? Answer: reasonably badass.

But the main focus, for me, is the golden ratio of 70 per cent "I just rolled out of bed in this ratty, maybe even slightly mildewed motorcycle jacket, as people do" and 30 per cent "hee hee look how long my legs are even while just in ordinary chucks".  Unnecessary wheel-less skateboard aside (even if it is from my eternal girl crush), though over-worn throughout the internet, that Pleasure Principle-esque cut out hoodie is the stuff of my dreams. Other things I'd wear include: black chucks all day, everyday, fancier "girlier" shorts meant for picnics and other similarly girly activities like going for high-tea paired with oversized tees. Plus I'm always for chunky outerwear over anything, especially so if they hang lower than your bottoms.

Photos via fashiongonerogue

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